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SYA Flight Training





About the Course

Open to students age 13+ - Designed for the student who is ready to achieve solo flight in pursuit of a private pilot certificate with a glider rating.

Each student will receive combined ground instruction, glider flight simulator practice, and flight training in accordance with the FAA requirements. Students will be provided a ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Handbook. Students should have completed Initial Pilot Prep or have SYA instructor's approval.

The Skyward Youth Ground School & Flight Training program is designed to support students who are ready to take their foundational skills to the next level. We extend learning in a student-focused environment. Small group programs are offered to support student goals and development.

Pricing: $4,500.00 provides the required endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test and the private pilot-glider practical test. Includes program glider flights.

Call to discuss your student's individual needs and interest.

Your Instructor

Frank Gomez

Frank Gomez

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