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Initial Pilot Prep 

The Skyward Youth Initial Pilot Prep (previously Ground 1) is the best way to support your student's interest in aviation. Our unique programs begins to prepare students for Pre Solo Knowledge exams and the FAA Private Pilot Practice Knowledge Test. Located at our state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Skyward Youth Inital Pilot Prep & Ground School sessions follow the ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Handbook while incorporating the use of flight simulators!

Initial Pilot Prep

(previously Ground School 1)


Dates Included:  September 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd (@Superior Soaring), 25th and 26th. 

Total of 6 days @ 2 hours each session.

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm except Superior Soaring date.

Regular Standard Pricing starts: $450

Open to students age 13+

Each student will receive 12 hours of combined instruction and use of flight simulators.​

Includes two demonstration glider flights as arranged by instructor. Additional flights available for purchase. Arranged with instructor.

Aviation 101

Aviation Mini Camps

The Skyward Youth Aviation Mini Camps are a great way to experience an introduction to aviation and flight simulators. Students can enrollment in one of our mini camp programs for an quintessential glimpse into the world of aviation & aerospace.  We focus on exposing students to foundational knowledge and awaken their interest in aviation & aerospace. We incorporate the use of simulators and instructional learning organizers so students can feel confident about their new learning.

New sessions starting soon- Enroll now!

Private/Home School One Day Mini Camp -Plan/design your group's unique mini-camp experience. $125.00 per session/per student and includes a glider flight on separate scheduled date. Call for details and scheduling your group's camp.

Aviation 101 Refresher (3-day & flight) Mini Camp - October 16th, 17th, 18th (4:00 pm - 6:00 pm) and 21st @ Superior Soaring For the student who already completed Aviation 101 and wants to stay current/review the many concepts covered in Aviation 101. Includes a glider flight!! $225.00 special price for our returning students.

New Aviontics Engineering and Radio Phraselogy Mini Camps coming in 2024!!

Get on our waiting list now.

The Skyward Youth Aviation 101 Program takes students to new heights. Following the success of our previous Aviation 101 programs, SYA students spend 10 exciting days engaged in the world of aviation and aerospace. Each class is divided into content rich instruction and hand-on flight simulator practice. From piloting a simulator to creating an airport design of the future, Skyward Youth Aviation 101 has it all!

Join us now for our newest session.

Aviation 101

New session begins Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2023. Please contact us for more information.

Each student will receive a Skyward Youth Academy, t-shirt and 25 hours of instruction, Simulator practice and glider flights (valued at $75.00 each per activity).​

Early Bird Pricing available until Oct 20th: $625*

Regular Standard Pricing begins Oct 21st: $700

Dates: 11/29, 12/1, 12/2 @Superior Soaring, 12/6, 12/8, 12/11, 12/13, 12/15, 12/16 @Superior Soaring and 12/18.

Additional friends & family flights available for purchase as arranged with our instructors. 

We are an approved ESA Vendor

Ground School & Flight Training

Open to students age 13+ - Designed for the student who is ready to achieve solo flight in pursuit of private pilot certificate with a glider rating. 

Each student will receive combined ground instruction, glider flight simulator practice, and flight training in accordance with the FAA requirements. Students will be provided a ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Handbook. Students should have completed Initial Pilot Prep or have SYA instructor's approval.

The Skyward Youth Ground School & Flight Training program is designed to support students who are ready to take their foundational skills to the next level. We extend learning in a student-focused environment. Small group programs are offered to support student goals and development. 

Pricing: $4,500.00 provides the required endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test and the private pilot-glider practical test. Includes program glider flights. 

Call to discuss your student's individual needs and interest. 

At Skyward Youth Aviation and Aerospace Academy, we believe in providing students with outstanding STEM related aviation programs .


As such, our curriculum is focused on three core areas; learning, achieving goals, and aviation & aerospace concepts.

 The Skyward Philosophy 



Skyward Youth Aviation and Aerospace Academy strives to provide unique programs for our students. Our curriculum and learning opportunities introduce students to the fields of aviation and aerospace using STEM-based standards.



We want our students to be successful in the classroom and in their personal development. We work with students to develop Individual Learning Goals and Intentions- allowing students to be better aware of their progress, while developing a foundation for setting (and achieving) goals in the future.



Learning takes place beyond textbooks. The Skyward Youth curriculum is enriched with activities, projects, and field trips. We are proud to offer our students access to state-of-the-art equipment and industry professionals. 

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